Embedded Works LoRa Antenna - Get the Most Out of Your Helium Hotspot

Embedded Works LoRa Antenna - Get the Most Out of Your Helium Hotspot

Helium Hotspot — expanding your range

As one of the best antennas for Helium Hotspot, the 915 Mhz/8 dBi Gain Omni LoRa antenna will maximize your HNT earnings. Users have reported they could see hotspots as far as 18 miles away on land and twice as far over water. This outdoor antenna can be mounted on a roof or building easily and includes pole-mounting hardware. Ideal for Rak, Nebra, or Bobcat miners.

Helium Antenna Set Up Tip:

When you set the antenna in the Helium app, you can go to "Update Hotpot > Select Antenna > Custom Antenna". From here you will enter your antenna parameters like TX/RX Gain (choose 8 dBi) and Height (need to convert to meters).

We also offer a LoRa uni-directional Yagi outdoor antenna.

Customer Testimony

From Customer G.T.

Definitely buy this antenna! I am extremely satisfied so far with this. The mounting hardware was awesome, it comes with 2 pairs of different brackets. One fit perfectly and the other was too small for my application. I am very pleased. The antenna was packed very well in a cardboard cylinder tube, and that was in a long box. Very happy with this purchase, I'm witnessing hotspots from miles away!

From Customer Tim

I bought this antenna after trying a couple of inexpensive ones from Amazon and have to say I'm extremely impressed with the quality. I bought another 8dbi antenna that was 1/4 the size of this one and seemed to be a grey PVC, nothing like the high quality of this one. It's not in the description, but this has the solid feel of being a fiberglass antenna, which should allow the signal to not degrade as quickly.I haven't put it through it's paces with my helium hotspot yet, but will report back after having it installed for a while. My house is in a terrible location surrounded by very large western red cedar trees so I'm not sure any antenna is going to make much of a difference, but we will see.

From Customer S83

Works amazingly with helium Hotspot was able to witness another hotspot about 17 miles away with this one mounted on the side of my house.

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