GPS Tracking for Food Trucks: A Small Business Success Story

GPS Tracking for Food Trucks: A Small Business Success Story

Bringing Customers to Your Food Truck: A Small Business Success Story

At TrackingForLess, we're proud to have helped the Monster Cone Company, a family-owned ice cream truck business, overcome the challenge of making it easy for their customers to find them. Founded by a father who wanted to leave a legacy for his family, now Monster Cone is run by his two daughters.


We recently caught up with Julia, one of the daughters currently running the business, to learn more about their experience with our Food Truck Finder tracking solution, which allows operators to create a single link that they can post on their social media pages, making it easy for their followers to track their location.


Q: Can you describe a specific scenario where Food Truck Finder helped you better reach your customers?

A: "FTF has been helpful for anyone with young kids. Sometimes they see us early in the day and we aren't able to get back to their hotel until late. With the tracker, they are able to drive to us with their kids."


Q: How has Food Truck Finder improved your social media presence and interaction with your followers?

A: "Our customers love to track us and report to our Facebook group. It helps other people who don't know about the link. It also helped to reduce the number of messages asking 'Where are you?' or 'What street are you on?'"


Q: Have you noticed an increase in foot traffic to your food truck since you started using the solution?

A: "It does make it easier for customers to find us instead of waiting for us to come to their street."


Q: How user-friendly is the solution and was it easy to implement into your business operations?

A: "It was easy to set up and the FTF team is always very helpful and responsive."


Click here to learn more about Monster Cone:


Our team at TrackingForLess worked closely with Monster Cone to set up the tracking system. We assisted with installing the GPS tracking device on their ice cream truck and helped them set up their account on the platform. Within minutes, they were able to start tracking the location of their truck in near real-time.

At TrackingForLess, we're passionate about helping small businesses like Monster Cone thrive in today's competitive market. We believe technology can level the playing field, allowing even the smallest business to reach new heights of success. With our affordable and easy-to-use tracking solutions, we're committed to helping food truck operators optimize their operations and increase their visibility.

If you're a food truck operator looking to improve your operations and increase your customer base, we encourage you to try out our Food Truck Finder tracking solution. With near real-time tracking, social media integration, and easy set-up, it's the perfect tool for anyone looking to take their food truck business to the next level.

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