Networking Routers for SoHo, Midsize, and Enterprise Businesses

Routers are the heart of every network, and having a reliable Internet or WAN connection is the single most important network link to your server or business. Many SoHo, Midsize, and enterprise users are choosing to add two or more Internet lines (DSL, Cable, Cellular) to keep their business running in case of an Internet network failure. Because full T1/fiber lines are expensive, savvy IT network administrators get multiple "dry-loop" DSL (or cable/cellular) lines at a fraction of the cost, and see dramatic improvements in speed and reliability. A multi-WAN router can be used as backup connection or for load balancing to distribute the network traffic across your entire intranet. For companies using VoIP phone services (Vonage, Skype, etc.), the built-in QoS features assure priortization for your digital voice service for additional ROI savings.

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