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Introducing the SensorWorks LoRaWAN Sensor Kits—smart sensor solutions designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Leveraging the power of the public LoRaWAN network, these kits offer unparalleled insights into climate conditions, ensuring the well-being of patients and the integrity of sensitive medical supplies.

Three months of free monitoring

Embark on your journey towards precision healthcare environment management with three months of complimentary monitoring service on our SensorWorks platform. You'll unlock the full potential of our kit, gaining access to real-time updates, historical data, and invaluable insights to help you make informed decisions for patient comfort and medical supply preservation.


Storage room

Waiting room

Stay compliant

Our IoT solutions excel at monitoring temperature and humidity levels in healthcare facilities, including patient rooms, storage areas for medications and vaccines, and laboratory environments. This ensures that medical professionals can provide the best possible care while safeguarding the integrity of critical medical assets. Say goodbye to concerns over temperature-sensitive medications and hello to improved patient outcomes and regulatory compliance.

Ideal climate conditions

Effortlessly maintain ideal climate conditions for your patients and your medical supplies by receiving instant alerts and insights on any fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Join the ranks of forward-thinking healthcare providers who are revolutionizing their institutions with SensorWorks. Say farewell to guesswork and welcome precision climate control that ensures the safety and comfort of patients and the security of vital medical resources.


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Our SensorWorks kits operate seamlessly within healthcare facilities, thanks to the extensive coverage and energy-efficient capabilities of the public LoRaWAN network. Rest assured that whether your healthcare institution is a small clinic or a sprawling hospital complex, our solution will keep you connected.

Join the SensorWorks revolution

Are you ready to embrace a new era of healthcare facility management? The SensorWorks LoRaWAN Sensor Kits are your gateway to precision, efficiency, and enhanced patient care. With the public LoRaWAN network as our backbone and three months of free monitoring service, there's no better time to step into the future of healthcare. Say yes to improved patient experiences, regulatory compliance, and the highest standards of medical care.

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