LoRa and Bluetooth

Not all applications require long-range connectivity; many applications require short-range wireless extending only a few inches or feet. From simple wireless on/off switches to keyless remotes, short-range RF is finding its way into applications such as warehouse inventory management, industrial data collection, merchandise tagging, and home automation. Make your IoT devices smart with our portfolio of LoRa, RFID, and Bluetooth modules.

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  1. Seeed Studio WM1302 LoRaWAN Gateway Module | WM1302-SPI-US915-M New
  2. Embedded Works PDTIOT-IFE01
    Embedded Works PDTIOT-IFE01
    Special Price $499.95 Regular Price $649.99
  3. SG Wireless SGW8130-A BLE Sensor Tag
    SG Wireless SGW8130-A BLE Sensor Tag
    Special Price $32.99 Regular Price $35.00
  4. Dragino RS485-LN | Modbus | RS485 to LoRaWAN Converter | US915