Update on the State of the Electronic Components Supply Chain

Update on the State of the Electronic Components Supply Chain

Update on the state of electronic components supply chain

Dear Valued Customers and Partners, You already may be aware that manufacturers around the globe are facing an unprecedented backlog as they struggle to obtain enough semiconductor components to fulfill orders, as well as seeing increased customer demand. As a result, we are experiencing above-average lead times, in some cases 50+ weeks, and some manufacturers are increasing prices due to the higher cost of chipsets and raw materials.

We are working closely with each of our suppliers to provide you with greater lead-time visibility and obtain plenty of "buffer" stock when possible. We strongly encourage you to consider forecasting your demand and place your orders now to limit your exposure.

How could this component shortage affect you?

  • Lead times are much longer, in some cases going well beyond one year.
  • In order to shorten lead-times, manufacturers are looking to replace components with new module revisions.
  • Possible higher unit pricing.
  • Products may be forced into early EOL.
  • Older products with lower volume have a higher risk of being affected.
  • Please forecast early and place your purchase orders now.

Should your item(s) be subject to very long L/T or price increases, please contact your sales manager and they may be able to recommend an alternative product with a similar chipset or functionality that may be in stock now. Contact sales here.

      We know you've worked hard to bring your product to market, and we'll work harder to ensure your success!