Global Positioning System and Satellite Communications Technology

GPS Devices

We offer a wide selection of GPS devices for tracking vehicles, people, and assets. Whether you need low power/long battery life, a small form factor for tight compartments, or a plug-and-play solution like OBD devices that get you set up and going within minutes, we have the device that will meet your requirements. Let our expert team find you the solution to your tracking needs.

Satellite Communication

Ideal for remote locations, satellite communication can make the difference in emergency situations. The reliable, location-based tracking can send messages or make calls whether you are in the middle of the ocean or on a mountain peak, giving you data and voice communication when it matters most.

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  1. Globalstar SmartOne C New
    Globalstar SmartOne C
    Special Price $99.50 Regular Price $119.40
  2. Leadtek LR9150 New
    Leadtek LR9150
    Special Price $22.50 Regular Price $29.25
  3. OriginGPS Multi Spider ORG4572-R01 New
    OriginGPS Multi Spider ORG4572-R01
    Special Price $23.00 Regular Price $32.84
  4. Leadtek LR9132 New
    Leadtek LR9132
    Special Price $16.26 Regular Price $21.14
  5. USGlobalSat TR-300V New
    USGlobalSat TR-300V
    Special Price $149.95 Regular Price $179.94
  6. USGlobalSat BU-353-S4
    USGlobalSat BU-353-S4
    Special Price $32.00 Regular Price $38.40
  7. USGlobalSat BU-353S4(5Hz)
    USGlobalSat BU-353S4(5Hz)
    Special Price $104.95 Regular Price $136.44