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Introducing SensorWorks LoRaWAN® sensor kits—smart sensor solutions that harness the power of the public LoRaWAN® network to provide unparalleled insights into the operations of your farmhouses.

Three months of free monitoring

To kickstart your journey towards precision management, we're excited to offer you three months of complimentary monitoring service on our SensorWorks platform. You'll experience the full potential of our kit, which includes receiving real-time updates, historical data, and valuable insights that enable you to make informed decisions for your operations.


Temperature and humidity monitoring

Our IoT solutions provide temperature and humidity monitoring for hog houses, chicken coops, and other agricultural facilities, helping farmers optimize their operations and ensure the health and well-being of their animals. This can help to reduce stress and prevent the spread of disease, ultimately improving overall animal welfare and reducing the risk of losses due to illness or other issues.

Tank/silo-level monitoring

Our tank/silo level monitoring solutions can help you reduce downtime and maintenance costs by providing early warnings of potential issues. By detecting changes in tank/tote levels, you can identify leaks, clogs, or other problems before they cause costly downtime or damage to equipment. You can also optimize your maintenance schedule, ensuring that equipment is serviced only when needed.



Our SensorWorks kits operate seamlessly within areas covered by the public LoRaWAN® network. This network, known for its extensive coverage and low-power capabilities, allows our sensors to communicate efficiently over long distances, even in remote or expansive farming environments. Whether your farm is nestled in rural landscapes or sprawling fields, you can trust that our solution will keep you connected.

Join the SensorWorks revolution

Ready to embrace a new era of farm management? The SensorWorks LoRaWAN® Sensor Kits are your gateway to precision, efficiency, and improved livestock health. With the public LoRaWAN network as our foundation and three months of free monitoring service as your introduction, there's no better time to step into the future of farming.

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