Offering turn-key sensor solutions to maximize your productivity from easy-to-install sensor kits for restaurants and food services, pharmaceutical refrigeration, school cafeterias, perishable food manufacturing, meat packing and storage, supermarkets and convenience stores, heavy machinery preventive maintenance, asset tracking, and building safety and security.

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  1. SensorWorks-Ready Woodstream Smart-Kill Mouse Trap (European 868mHz) New
  2. SensorWorks-Ready Woodstream Smart-Kill Mouse Trap (North America 915 mHz) New
  3. SensorWorks SW-LORA-ANT-KIT-01
    SensorWorks SW-LORA-ANT-KIT-01
    Special Price $99.95 Regular Price $129.99
  4. SensorWorks SW-LORA-GW-TTN
    SensorWorks SW-LORA-GW-TTN
    Special Price $249.95 Regular Price $324.99