SensorWorks Smart Waste Bin LoRaWAN® Sensor Kit (US915) | Intelligent Monitoring for Efficient Waste Management | 3 Months of Monitoring

IP67 rated
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  • LoRaWAN® Smart Waste Bin Sensor (US915)
  • Includes three months of monitoring
  • Powered by Helium LoRaWAN®
  • View Helium coverage map here


The Helium Network is a wireless IoT communication system. Our kit utilizes this network to efficiently monitor waste bin levels, even in large areas or challenging environments. Joining the Helium Network ensures reliable, long-range connectivity for our kit, simplifying waste management.

Introducing the SensorWorks Smart Waste Bin LoRaWAN® Sensor Kit—a game-changing solution that leverages the power of Helium LoRaWAN® technology to reshape how you manage waste on your premises. Engineered for intelligent monitoring, our sensor kit empowers you to optimize waste collection, streamline operations, and embrace sustainable practices, all thanks to the expansive coverage of the Helium network.

Three months of free monitoring

To kickstart your journey toward waste management, we're excited to offer you three months of complimentary monitoring service on our SensorWorks platform.You'll experience the full potential of our kit, which includes receiving real-time updates, historical data, and valuable insights that enable you to optimize waste collection and achieve operational excellence.


Real-time data

Make informed decisions in real-time. With our Smart Waste Bin Sensor Kit, you gain unparalleled visibility into waste bin levels and usage patterns. Our solution provides immediate updates and insights, allowing you to allocate resources precisely and schedule collections efficiently.

Cost and time savings

Unlock significant cost and time savings with the power of data. By monitoring waste bin levels in real-time, you can optimize collection routes, reducing fuel consumption and wear on collection vehicles. This streamlined approach leads to substantial cost savings and reduced environmental impact.



Our SensorWorks kit operates seamlessly within areas covered by the Helium LoRaWAN® network. This network, known for its extensive coverage and low-power capabilities, allows our sensors to communicate efficiently over long distances, even in remote or expansive farming environments. Whether your farm is nestled in rural landscapes or sprawling fields, you can trust that our solution will keep you connected.

What's in the box?

The DF703 Waste Bin Detector is built with a LoRaWAN module, allowing users to monitor bin status remotely without making costly site visits. Through the built-in LoRaWAN, the bin transmits its status via a gateway to a network and application server. Data upload and monitoring uses low power consumption with an internal battery life of more than eight years (at a four-hour upload interval).

It is easy to install the device on different styles of trash cans. For example, the device can be mounted on the top of a lidded bin or to the side wall of a lidless bin.

The sensor detects the following statuses:

  • Full
  • Empty
  • Flame risk (fire)
  • Inclined (fell down/over)


Join the SensorWorks revolution

We believe in the power of innovation to shape industries. Our SensorWorks kit integrates seamlessly into your waste management infrastructure, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions and manage waste more effectively. Elevate your waste management practices with the SensorWorks Smart Waste Bin LoRaWAN® Sensor Kit. Join us in creating a cleaner, more efficient future where intelligent data-driven decisions guide every aspect of your waste management process.

More Information
Model Number SW-DF703-US915-kit
Brand Dingtek
Dimensions 115 mm × 115 mm × 40 mm
Temperature –20 °C to 70 °C
Product Type Sensor
Application Level and Distance
Technology LoRaWAN
Sensor Type LoRaWAN Sensor
Power Battery
Battery Life 8 Years
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