TFL Asset Tracker Solution| 4G LTE/GPRS + BLE | SPECIAL OFFER! Includes 12 Months of Tracking

IP67 waterproof
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📈 GPS and LBS data reporting
🔋 High battery autonomy and low power consumption
💥 Jamming detection

Introducing the TFL Asset Tracker, an advanced and waterproof telematics device specifically designed for monitoring stationary items. Whether you want to keep tabs on your valuable cargo, assets, or personal belongings, this tracker offers a reliable and affordable solution. With its long-lasting battery and advanced features, it ensures you have complete peace of mind.

Custom alerts and boundaries

Receive notifications via email and SMS as soon as your TFL Asset Tracker enters/exits a predefined "safe area" in our TFL Dashboard.

Route information

You will be able to view historical data for each route point which includes information such as: date & time, speed, location.

Real-time tracking

The TFL Tracker will update its location every 30 seconds when in movement, making sure you are always up to date!


The tracker includes jamming detection technology, providing an extra layer of protection against tampering or interference attempts. Rest easy knowing that any unauthorized disruptions to the tracking signals will be promptly detected, allowing you to maintain reliable tracking at all times.

When you choose the TFL Asset Tracker, you also gain access to our affordable tracking service. Enjoy seamless and reliable tracking by combining the device and our tracking service together. Our comprehensive tracking service includes advanced features, such as historical data analysis and detailed reports, empowering you with actionable insights for better asset management and complete peace of mind.


IP67 rated

The tracker is built to withstand the elements with its high waterproof grade (IP67). No matter the weather conditions, this rugged device will continue tracking without interruption.

Unlimited tracking range

Thanks to the network of satellites and 4G data networks, our trackers have unlimited range and are always logging and transmitting data.

Easy-to-use software

Our mobile and desktop apps give you clear visibility of your trackers and data insights. Watch your tracker move on a map, get reports, customize preferences, and more.

Data and reporting

Get the data you want for both present and past tracker activity. See routes, speed, timestamped arrivals and departures, stops, and more.

Affordable tracking service

Get our tracking service for as low as $9.95/month when the device and tracking are purchased together!

Four-year battery life (replaceable)

Forget about frequent recharging hassles. The tracker features an impressive battery life of up to four years with one location update per day.


Watch how TFL helped this family-owned trucking company

TrackingForLess (TFL) began as a wireless solutions integrator to help our clients design and develop wireless IoT products. When our customers wanted us to create a full-service GPS tracking solution, we developed a family of products and services that bring together our expertise in wireless hardware, data connectivity, and user platforms. Now, TFL provides the most complete GPS tracking and monitoring solution for a variety of industries. Our solutions utilize multitudes of wireless technologies to be sure you always have intelligence in knowing where your vehicles and assets are—anywhere on the globe.

More Information
Model Number trak234
Brand TrackingForLess
Dimensions 92.5 mm × 39.5 mm × 43.5 mm (3.64 in. × 1.56 in. × 1.71 in.)
Temperature –10 °C to 60 °C (14 °F to 140 °F)
Application Asset & Trailer Tracking
Target Market Fleet & Logistics
Technology Cellular and Bluetooth
Tracker Type Battery-Powered
Power 8 Ah 3.6 V Li/SOCl₂ Battery
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