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EOL. See replacement, DF703-US915.

The Dingtek Smart Waste Bin Detector sensor is designed for waste bin (trash bin) status detection. It detects full/empty, flame risk, inclined (fall) or not and etc. With LoRaWAN module, it transmits the status via gateway to networks server and application server. User can monitor the status remotely. With the application software, user can assign the collector resource work plan and route plan. Analyze task performance and find out solution to improve. Finally the objective of high efficiency , good environment, and low cost are achieved. As it is with algorithm of low power consumption, the internal battery can work for more than 5 years (at 4 hours interval upload intervals).

The DF702 sensor is designed for trash can status detection, whether used indoors or outdoors. It detects the following statuses:

  • Full
  • Empty
  • Fire risk
  • Inclined (fall) or not (advanced version)



  • Long lifespan with low power consumption, the battery can work for more than one year at four reports per day.
  • Easy to install, suitable for covered or uncovered trash cans.
  • IP66 protection level allows it to function in the rain and other harsh conditions.


  • You can assign work and route plans, analyze task performance, and find solutions to improve their system.
  • Installation is easy with several mounting location options, accommodating for many different styles of trash cans.
  • The sensor can be used in other environments, such as for measuring liquid level, and the software can be customized for your unique requirements.
More Information
Model Number SW-DF702-US915
Brand Dingtek
Dimensions 0.33 in. × 4.52 in. × 1.97 in.
Product Type LoRaWAN
Application Level and Distance
Technology LoRaWAN
Sensor Type LoRaWAN Sensor
Power Battery
Battery Life 3 Years at 2× Occupation Per Day
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