Smart City Solution Garbage Bin Fill Status Detector | Wireless | Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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The DF702 sensor is designed for trash can status detection, whether used indoors or outdoors. It detects the following statuses:

  • Full
  • Empty
  • Fire risk
  • Inclined (fall) or not (advanced version)

Built-in structure

Built with a 4G module with quad-band frequency, the sensor works worldwide, and can transmit status from base station to network server and application server, and can be monitored remotely.


  • Long lifespan with low power consumption, the battery can work for more than one year at four reports per day.
  • Easy to install, suitable for covered or uncovered trash cans.
  • IP66 protection level allows it to function in the rain and other harsh conditions.


  • You can assign work and route plans, analyze task performance, and find solutions to improve their system.
  • Installation is easy with several mounting location options, accommodating for many different styles of trash cans.
  • The sensor can be used in other environments, such as for measuring liquid level, and the software can be customized for your unique requirements.
More Information
Model Number DF702WB0-LNA
Brand Dingtek
Featured Product Yes
Weight 0.300000
Dimensions 0.33 in. × 4.52 in. × 1.97 in.
Type LoRaWAN
Application Bin Level Sensor
Technology LoRaWAN
Sensor Type Ultrasonic Distance / Level
Power Battery
Battery Life 3 Years at 2× Occupation Per Day
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