Shot Tracer Eagle IP Cellular Gunshot Detection Sensor

Shot Tracer Gunshot Detection System
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The Shot Tracer Eagle IP is a cellular gunshot detection sensor.

  • Operates over Verizon Wireless LTE, only within the US
  • Also able to integrate with facility's existing alarm panel
  • When a shooting takes place, an alert notification is sent to the cloud and then on to the persons set up under the notification list
  • Provides time, location, and number of shots
  • Contacts on the notification list are set up by the customer
  • Can include local law enforcement and surrounding medical facilities


Alerts & Notifications

Provides alarm company with time location and if it was a single or multiple gunshot event

Indoor Monitoring

Any indoor locations to provide near instant automated alerting when gunshots occur

Remote Monitoring

Supports wireless remote sensors for additional monitor and security needs

Key Features

  • Ceiling or wall mounted gunshot detection and explosive sensor with integrated cellular data modem.
  • Provides immediate detection of events and alerts location.
  • Patented detection system integrated in a small safety sensor
  • Manual alert feature enables non-gunshot alert to be sent
  • Reports GPS or GNSS location when a validated event occurs
  • Available in an industrial ABS modeled enclosure in either white or black.
  • Alerts sent to a private cloud, using SMS, e-mail and direct IP directed responses.
  • Enables customized responses when an event is detected.
  • No call center required. Alerts are managed by each account owner from a secure cloud service.
  • EAR99, fully exportable globally without licensing issues.
  • Operates globally using Verizon Wireless.

How it Works

  • STEP 1: A gunshot event occurs inside a room, alerting the Shot Tracer Eagle IP sensor
  • STEP 2: Eagle IP sends an alert, within seconds of the event, over the cellular network to the cloud
  • STEP 3: Dispatch receives an alert with gunshot location, time, and number of shots
More Information
Model Number Eagle-IP
Brand Shot Tracer
Product Type Wireless Sensors
Sensor Type Facilities Sensor
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