Twilio Super SIM IoT North America Starter Kit | Plan 1 MB to 3 GB | 3-Months Pay-As-You-Go

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One SIM. Global reach. Cellular IoT connectivity you can control—anywhere, at any scale.
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Trusted cellular IoT connectivity

Super SIM is a cellular connectivity platform for connecting your IoT devices around the world. One SIM gives you the freedom to choose from the best global networks.

Control your network quality

The success of your IoT solution depends on high-quality connectivity. Choose from global Tier 1 networks to control your cellular network coverage, quality, and cost. With multiple redundant paths, your products will be connected to the best networks at any time.

Scale infinitely with ease

Reliability and data latency are common challenges that impact scale. Super SIM is built on Twilio's cloud-native and globally distributed network infrastructure that gives you reliable, low-latency global connectivity.

Automate your operations with APIs

Avoid inefficient manual operations. Use highly available APIs to program your connectivity operations, from changing SIM status and tracking data consumption, to sending machine-to-machine messages to devices.

A global "super network" for high-quality connectivity

  • Choose from the most comprehensive and guaranteed list of global Tier 1 networks.
  • Keep your IoT solution connected to the best networks at any time with multiple redundant routes.
  • Rely on one SIM and one global billing relationship—avoid the hassle of managing multiple carriers.

Pure software mobile core that supports your scale

  • Scale infinitely with Twilio's fully managed, cloud-native infrastructure built for massive global workloads.
  • Benefit from continuous improvements to our fully managed mobile core without disruptions to your business.
  • Ensure low latency by having your data routed via the nearest globally distributed, mobile core instance.

Developer-first APIs, tools, and console

  • Use high-quality APIs for automating connectivity operations like changing SIM capabilities, optimizing data consumption, and managing SIM lifecycle.
  • Leverage SMS Commands to send and receive M2M messages to reach devices or fix issues if data is unavailable.
  • Progress from prototype to production by using the same platform and SIMs for both, with additional help from evaluation kits, docs, tutorials, and blueprints.
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Model Number wsim0450-p
Brand Twilio
Weight 0.100000
Carrier Twilio
Region North America
Data Plan Size Pay-as-You-Go
Prepaid Terms 3 months
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