Adapt Ideations KELVIN M200 Multi-Use 4G/LTE CAT M1 + 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display (IATA/FAA compliant)

Includes 1 year of data + platform service
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✅ Real-time cellular location tracking

✅ Temperature monitoring

✅ Built-in LCD display

✅ Global cellular connectivity

✅ IATA/FAA compliant

KELVIN M200 can be utilized to increase operational efficiency and compliance throughout the supply chain. The globally compatible device enables greater supply chain visibility to be achieved ensuring that an asset can be tracked each step of the way. KELVIN M200 offers real-time location tracking, temperature detection, and tamper & shock recognition.

Monitor Your Moving Temperature-Sensitive Assets

With an operating range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, KELVIN M200 accurately monitors the temperature of an asset. Real-time data is collected on temperature with updates sent to the cloud every 30 minutes. Real-time data is accessible via the dashboard, with alerts sent via email/SMS when an asset’s temperature falls outside it’s specific threshold value.

Real-Time Location Tracking


Reliably locate an asset in any environment via KELVIN M200's real-time location tracking capability. The asset tracking solution and its connectivity capabilities aims to maximize the visibility of an asset on the network, helping to avoid detection problems faced in closed spaces such as warehouses. Achieve greater visibility and improve your operational efficiency with reliable real-time location tracking.

Built-In LCD Display For Temperature Reading


The tracker features an LCD display on the front of the device. A cross appears when a temperature violation occurs highlighting that a breach has occurred. This feature enables anyone within the supply chain to instantly understand if a temperature violation has occurred.

Tamper and Light Recognition


KELVIN M200’s light and shock sensors enable the user to take the appropriate actions to protect an asset’s security. Along with an accelerometer to monitor for violent shocks, light sensors can detect if a package has been opened during transit. Data is transmitted and stored on the cloud, with real-time visibility on the dashboard.

IATA/FAA Compliant


Following IATA regulations, the asset tracking solution utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect when an asset is in flight. During this time, the tracker enters sleep mode, while maintaining data storage throughout the journey. On landing, the device automatically wakes, and resumes data transfer.


Certified to fly with the following airlines:

Aero Mexico, Air Canada, Air France, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, ANA Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Air, Avianca Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Cargolux Airlines, Delta Cargo, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Cargo, Iberia Airlines, Jetstar, KLM Cargo, Korean Air Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Saudia Cargo, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Swiss World Cargo, Turkish Airlines, LATAM, Qantasfreight, Qatar Cargo, United Airlines, TAP Portugal, Malaysian Airlines

More Information
Model Number KELVIN M200
Brand Adapt Ideations
Dimensions 101 mm × 50 mm × 18.8 mm (3.98 in. × 1.97 in. × 0.74 in.)
Temperature –20 °C to 60 °C (–4 °F to 140 °F)
Application Asset & Trailer Tracking
Target Market Fleet & Logistics
Technology Cellular & Wi-Fi
Tracker Type Asset Tracker with Temperature Monitoring
Cellular Technology 4G LTE Cat M1 Single Mode
Power 3000 mAh Li-ion via 5V USB-C
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