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Simplify IoT with Intelligent Cloud Connect

The world's first plug-and-play IoT solution that connects with AWS automatically


IoT: A World of Complexity and Opportunity

The Internet of Things is changing our world for the better, providing real time insights that accelerate efficiency, improve business outcomes, and make life easier. However, to realize the benefits of IoT, organizations need to navigate an enormously complex ecosystem and a fragmented value chain. With many development hurdles to cross, it can take up to two years to launch a new IoT solution, while many projects are paralyzed by complexity and never make it to market at all. Organizations want to connect their devices and ingest data into their back-end systems so they can make business decisions based on the insights gained, but they might face numerous challenges:

  • Hardware selection and development targeting the correct geography
  • The connectivity and SIM management platform
  • Managing rate plans and device data utilization
  • Cloud provider and analytics applications
  • Device management and security

IoT Connectivity Is Complex

The building blocks and associated complexities in a typical IoT solution ecosystem show the pain points you need to resolve to deploy IoT devices successfully

IoT planning diagram

60% of companies substantially underestimate the complexities of building an IoT service.

Cisco Industry Survey, 2017

Thales, Eseye, and Embedded Works

Simplifying the IoT journey together

Interconnected IoT devices using Gemalto

Thales, Eseye, and Embedded Works are disrupting this IoT ecosystem fundamentally by using a collaborative IoT Connectivity Platform that cuts through complexity, reducing new product development timelines from two years to typically six months.

As global leaders in module technology and ubiquitous reliable connectivity, Embedded Works, Thales, and Eseye have combined their expertise to deliver Intelligent Cloud Connect, the world's first integrated IoT solution that vastly simplifies IoT device design and deployment.

The Intelligent Cloud Connect solution allows device and equipment manufacturers to develop a single IoT product SKU for any industry that can switch between over 700 mobile networks to provider intelligently at near-100% global connectivity, while offering seamless data provisioning to AWS IoT Core. The complexity of balancing bandwidth and data plans and negotiating MNO contracts is removed, providing customers with only one, carrier-agnostic, message-based (MQTT) bill covering all connectivity requirements globally via AWS Marketplace.

Intelligent Cloud Connect: Streamlining IoT Solution Deployment

Design and development strategy are crucial to successful IoT solutions. Early technology decisions can make or break projects. The Eseye Platform solves challenging IoT pain points and positions organizations for success. The solution delivers pre-installed firmware, intelligently manages security, connectivity, and credentials between the device and the cloud, ensuring a consistent global "out of the box" experience. The device behavior simplifies IoT deployment and automates global, secure connectivity into AWS IoT Core. To ease device application development, an easy-to-use Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) client is supported by the Intelligent Cloud Connect devices. This AT command-controlled feature simplifies the communication between embedded hardware in the IoT devices and the AWS IoT Core with other related IoT services.


  1. 1

    One globally deployable SKU connects out of the box anywhere in the world, simplifying logistics and reducing device and technical management overhead.

  2. 2

    No touch, automatic service provisioning delivers ubiquitous global cellular network connectivity on power-up, offering near-100% device uptime across 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G networks.

  3. 3

    Automatic AWS cloud enrollment once device is activated—device certification and security managed by AWS cloud automatically and delivered OTA to the device.

  4. 4

    Eseye's agnostic mobile network profile management enables dynamic on-device and OTA network switching to ensure maximum device connectivity.

  5. 5

    MQTT message bundles provide simplified and scalable global connectivity management with predictable costs.

  6. 6

    Single pane of glass solution allows management of global device estate and billing from one intuitive user interface, while simplified life cycle management extends device lifetime and reduces maintenance costs.

  7. 7

    Reduces time-to-market for device deployment, improves IoT outcomes, and accelerates ROI, allowing customers to focus on delivering business value.

Six Steps to Delivering a Rapid, Efficient, and Global Solution That Works

With the Intelligent Cloud Connect solution, organizations can reduce time to market by 75% while greatly improving cost efficiency and ROI. The foundation of the solution is the ground-breaking Cinterion® PLS62-W Global IoT Module or Terminal paired with Eseye's intelligent network switching AnyNet SIM for AWS. This combination provides out-of-the-box, no touch, secure connectivity anywhere in the world. With this device/SIM combination, developers can streamline and secure IoT development, deployment, and activation from device to AWS IoT Core in six basic steps:

  1. Purchase Intelligent Cloud Connect

    1. Purchase combined Eseye and Thales Intelligent Cloud Connect bundle. (Available in the AWS Device Catalog.)
    2. Plug into your device.
  2. Set up your AWS account

    1. Buy a MQTT message bundle from Eseye on the AWS Marketplace.
    2. Set up your AWS account.
  3. Install Eseye's software

    1. Install Eseye's AWS Marketplace software integration. This enables security certificate and no touch provisioning.
  4. Create a "Thing"

    1. Go to your "Things" repository in your AWS IoT Core.
    2. Follow the instructions to create your "Thing" or upload a list of "Things" for mass activation.
  5. Queue credentials

    1. Security and identity credentials are queued for delivery to device on the Eseye network.
  6. Switch on your IoT device

    1. Switch on your IoT device and voila—your data is provisioned via Eseye's Platform OTA to AWS automatically and a security certificate is downloaded to your device.

Intelligent Cloud Connect

Simplifying and accelerating IoT deployment

You can now follow an easy process to deliver IoT data to the cloud in a greatly reduced time frame with the confidence of a solution being provided by AWS, Eseye, and Thales. This is a truly watershed moment for the IoT.

Andreas Haegele, VP IoT

Thales, a Thales company

Simplified and streamlined IoT deployment

Intelligent Cloud Connect—Device Form Factor

The easiest method of integration. Pre-approved and ready-to-use IoT system with industrial interfaces including USB SPI, I2C, RS232, along with Digital GPIO and analog inputs. The terminal is a popular choice for adding connectivity to existing hardware.

Gemalto terminal

Simplifying the IoT Journey

Thales, Eseye, and Embedded Works are revolutionizing IoT with the power of simplicity. Together, they are streamlining the IoT journey with out-of-the box, no touch, global connectivity and seamless AWS integration. The platform solves major IoT challenges, allowing organizations to focus on generating business value and innovating solutions to improve our world.