Deviceworx xTg-02-NFC | xTAG BEACON with NFC and BLE Connect

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xTAG BEACON Proximity Marketing

Deviceworx has developed the new xTAG BEACON to extend our proximity marketing product line and for use in additional applications. The xTAG BEACON supports both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beaconing and Near Field Communications (NFC) "tapping" in 1 tough package. The industrial-grade xTAG BEACON solves a number of commonly encountered BLE beacon and NFC tag issues:


  • Beacon Range - The xTAG BEACON transmits BLE beacon advertisements at a configurable power level from -20 dbm to 8 dbm. This supports selection of multiple ranges between 10 m (30 feet) and 500 m or 1500 feet). Beacons more typically support fixed ranges that are limited to 100 m (300 feet).
  • No App Required - xTAG BEACONs support apps much better than other beacon solutions, but can also be used by operators wishing to avoid challenges relating to app installs.
  • BLE Efficiency - By leveraging the latest in BLE 5.0 technology, the xTAG BEACON supports beaconing (simultaneous Apple iBEACON & Android Eddystone) with a battery life of 5+ years.
  • NFC Efficiency - Deliver millions of messages to Smartphones via NFC taps - from each xTAG BEACON with a battery life of 5+ years.
  • Intelligence - Keep track of users NFC tap timing to deliver up to 5 messages to them. Let users load up on promotions in a single xTAG BEACON engagement.
  • Manageability - The xTAG BEACON can be cloud-connected through the xGATEWAY for monitoring, configuration updates and measured advertising. This integrated NFC tag and beacon feature ensures that networks of xTAG BEACONs are kept operational and up to date to deliver mission-critical, measured messaging.

xTAG BEACON Applications

Messaging supported by the xTAG BEACON can be used in many applications including:

  • Measurable Proximity Marketing - Deliver promotions or offers to Smartphones near retailers, where they have the most effect. Use an app to deliver messages with up to 500 m (1500 foot) range or avoid app installs and let users tap to get multiple promotions and offers.
  • Restaurant Access to Menus and More - Give patrons fast & simple access to menus without the complications & struggles related to QR code scanning or app installs. Just tap to load a menu. To access additional content such as a Wine or Beer list, restaurant history, etc., you can tap multiple times. To support quick access to a host from outside a restaurant, Taps on exterior-mount xTAG BEACONs can even initiate a phone call. 
  • Real Estate Signage - Listing visitors (planned or unplanned) can access listing details by tapping a sign-mounted xTAG BEACON without the need to install an app. This same xTAG BEACON can even initiate a phone call to the listing agent (on some Smartphones) with an additional tap.
  • Emergency Messaging - Give administrators the ability to send location-specific messaging to users (based on their measured BLE proximity to one or more xTAG BEACONs) and give users the ability to provide administrators their exact location by simply tapping an xTAG BEACON at that location.

In addition to messaging, the xTAG BEACON is also a critical component within Asset Tracking applications. Note that this includes personnel as they should be considered a company's most valuable asset.


BLE Beacon Support

An Increased Beacon Range of 5x Improves Coverage & Audience by 25x


The xTAG BEACON will support traditional app-based messaging with radically improved coverage as shown in the figure above (dark blue circle shows coverage extension). Messaging apps (including proximity marketing apps) can be signaled from much further away increasing coverage and potential audience by a factor of 25. Smartphones will receive beacon messages when they enter coverage & any beacon messaging apps installed will be instructed to display a notification to the user with message highlights. Selecting the notification will open message details in the messaging app or a Smartphone browser.


As an alternative to app messaging, Deviceworx supports signaling the display of passes or coupons that have been stored within Apple Wallet or compatible Android Wallets. Whenever a Wallet user comes into xTAG BEACON coverage and their Wallet contains a coupon that includes the iBeacon ID currently broadcast from the xTAG BEACON, the user will be notified and selection of the notification will open the Wallet and display the coupon. Deviceworx supports operator creation of Wallet coupons through our online Pass Creator tool.


In addition to messaging, apps can use BLE signal strength from one or more xTAG BEACONs (i.e. general location or more accurate triangulated location) to determine app user location. This supports solutions requiring personnel (e.g. warehouse workers) location tracking. It also can be used to augment messaging functions in some circumstances. For example, emergency messaging solutions can use user location to send rescue resources to the right spot.


A Stronger NFC Antenna Supports A Longer Tap Distance Improving Ease of Use


To provide ease of use, the xTAG BEACON uses an NFC antenna that provides longer range than standard compact antennas. The xTAG BEACON provides intelligent NFC tag multi-tap access to a variety of content. Tap once to get primary content on the Smartphone screen.Tap again quickly to see secondary content and continue to get up to 5 different messages from the same xTAG BEACON. NFC readers, like Smartphones, can be redirected to web content, app screens or even to make phone calls to a number provided by the xTAG BEACON. Tap actions (user-viewed content) can be updated using an Android app.


xTAG BEACONs use NFC to track position and acquire status updates for high-value assets, including machinery. This serves as an alternative to users scanning barcodes or QR codes on equipment using an app and manually updating their location or status (e.g. track when a machine is put into or taken out of service or when a machine is moved from one area to another). Tapping a machine-mounted xTAG BEACON is faster and easier than dealing with barcodes or QR codes that can be damaged, dirty, or otherwise unusable. Moreover, the multi-tap support on xTAG BEACONs can also provide machine support (i.e. double-tap to view machine maintenance records ... triple tap to view machine user documentation ... etc.).


  • 85 g or 3 oz
  • 50mm (2”) wide, 68mm (2.5”) long, 42mm (1.5”) tall
  • BLE 5.0 at 1 Mbps with 500m range (with range adjust down to 10m)
  • NFC Type 2 and Type 4 Tag Emulation (ISO-14443A and ISO-14443A) with range to 20 mm or 3/4"
  • 5+ Years Battery Life at typical use*
  • Screw-in flange mount
  • IP67 dust/water ingress rating
  • -40°C to 70°C operating temperature

**Note that battery life can be reduced when exposed to consistent very low temperatures. For example, expect 2.5+ years life when xTAG BEACON is exposed to constant -40 deg C temperatures.

More Information
Model Number xTg-02-NFC
Brand Deviceworx
Weight 0.250000
Type BLE & NFC
Application Proximity Marketing
Sensor Type Proximity Marketing
Power Battery
Battery Life ~5 Years
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