Deviceworx xTg-01-U-ACC | xTAG USB with Accelerometer Data and USB Connect

xTAG USB with Accelerometers are intended for use with xGATEWAY platforms with free, built-in "plug-n-play" connectivity support .
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Vibration Analysis Solution

The xTAG Sensor - Collect the Physical Data that Supports IIoT

Often the first step in the acquisition of IIoT data is the hardest - sensing physical data and converting it to the bytes that can be processed on the edge or transferred up to the IIoT cloud. Deviceworx has developed a rugged, all-weather sensor design that supports reading a variety of physical attributes including vibration and gyroscope and can be extended (through top membrane replacement) to support angle, temperature, pressure, humidity, color, machine current draw. The wired xTAG USB both "plug and play" with our xGATEWAY platforms to support IIoT local repository or cloud connectivity setup in minutes.

xTAG Sensing Options

Machine Vibration Sense for Monitoring

The Deviceworx xTAG Sensors support high-speed vibration data acquisition (25 to 1600 samples per sec in X, Y and Z dimensions). The acquired data can be very effectively analyzed to forecast machine failures - dramatically reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime.

Machine Vibration Monitoring - Data Acquisition and Reporting Through the Cloud

To access consistently updated machine health reports from anywhere with an internet connection, permanently install xTAG BLE wireless or xTAG USB wired sensors on machinery. Install xGATEWAYs near xTAGs and connect xTAGs to them in minutes. xGATEWAYs are pre-installed with software that can be quickly configured to push data to the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud, or to a local data repository if required (or both). Reporting is available through Azure IoT. Amazon Web Services (AWS IoT Core) or Google Cloud IoT support is also available.

Additional Sense Options

The xTAG design has been created to support additional sensing options through a simple substitution of its front membrane. A variety of sensor chips can be added to this membrane that also includes a pushbutton and LED. Membrane substitution supports:

Environmental sensing, including temperature, pressure & humidity. This is useful for both machine monitoring & produce traceability apps
Hall effect sensing. Count machine shaft rotations or measure machine current draw through magnetic field measurements.
Color sensing. Sense installed color alarm states or track produce health.
Sound sensing. Listen for machine status (db level) or mechanical issues (db level or frequency).

xTAG to xGATEWAY Connection Options

xTAGs are available in two variants. The xTAG BLE supports 2 Mbit/sec Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 connectivity to xGATEWAYs. This facilitates the simplest possible xTAG installs where xTAGs can be up to 100 meters from xGATEWAYs and won’t require local power. Use xTAG BLE devices when possible to simplify installs and reduce their costs. In some installations, wireless just won’t work effectively due to electromagnetic noise, or physical barriers between xTAGs and xGATEWAYs. When wireless is a challenge, select the xTAG USB variant for reliable 12 Mbit/sec communications between USB-powered xTAGs and xGATEWAYs.

Regardless of the variant selected, all xTAGs are accessible to xGATEWAYs without xTAG configuration. This is sometimes referred to as “zero configuration networking” or “plug and play”. Complex addressing of devices is never required. xGATEWAYs can automatically discover all xTAG BLE devices nearby and a physical connection to an xTAG USB is all that is required before an xGATEWAY can access its data.

xTAG USB Specs

    • 85 g or 3 oz
    • 50mm (2”) wide, 68mm (2.5”) long, 42mm (1.5”) tall
    • xTAG USB: USB-powered device at 12 Mbps with 5m+ cable length (up to 100m with USB extension)
    • Screw-in flange or magnetic-mount options
    • IP67 dust/water ingress rating
    • -40°C to 70°C operating temperature

More Information
Model Number xTg-01-U-ACC
Brand Deviceworx
Weight 0.250000
Type USB Sensor
Application Condition Monitoring
Technology USB
Sensor Type Vibration
Power Battery
Battery Life ~5 Years
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