SensorWorks Panic Button Solution Starter Kit: LoRaWAN Gateway, Panic Button, and 5x BLE Beacons

SensorWorks Panic Button Solution Starter Kit
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Help at the Touch of a Button

Protect your staff 24/7 with an easy-to-use push button that reports the location of any employee, anywhere on your property accurately.

  • No Site Survey Required
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 100% Off-Network
  • Compliance Guaranteed

Quickly Locate Employees in Distress

Safely resolving an emergency situation can come down to a matter of minutes. You'll have real-time visibility into exactly where distressed staff is and where they're moving to.

Lone Worker Safety

Get accurate location reports of nurses, doctors, hotel staff, and other workers throughout your facility.

Safety Zone Control

Get notified when a worker enters a potentially unsafe or hazardous situation for emergency control.

Remote Worker with Fall Advisory

Monitor remote workers using a safety device with a fall emergency alert system for added support at job sites.

How it Works

Wireless Beacon Technology for Room Level Accuracy

  1. Push Button is Pressed: Employee activates request for help with a push of a button
  2. Locate Employee in Distress: Exact room and floor location, plus location updates for employees on the move
  3. Incident Report Generated: A detailed incident report is automatically generated documenting team's response

Simple to Use

  • Quick and Easy Wire-Free Install
  • No IT or Electric Rewiring Required
  • Professional Installation Included
  • Ongoing Staff Training Included

Accurate Solution

  • Room Level Accuracy
  • Locate Staff on Floor Plan
  • Tracks Both Indoors and Outdoors

Questions? Please refer to SensorWorks' FAQ!

More Information
Model Number 7JD050
Brand SensorWorks
Product Type Complete Monitoring Kits
Application Personnel Tracking
Sensor Type Personnel
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