SensorWorks Lansitec Platinum Temperature Sensor

Lansitec Platinum Temperature Sensor
Lansitec Platinum Temperature Sensor
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  • Power: Lithium thionyl chloride battery with 5 years of operation for 1 uplink 5 minutes

Lansitec precision platinum temperature sensor is based on the advanced LoRa modulation and powered by a lithium battery with a 5-year operation time. It is a cost-effective LoRaWAN end device for a variety of applications. Its long operation time offers low maintenance and is ideal for industry use. Sensor work mode can be adjusted via LoRa network. Lansitec sensors family is fully compatible and plug-n-play for LoRaWAN network operation. Lansitec sensors can also work with Lansitec Wireless Data.


  • Busway temperature monitor
  • Weather station
  • Heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Building automation

More Information
Model Number Lansitec Platinum Temperature Sensor
Brand SensorWorks
Dimensions 76 mm × 46 mm × 110 mm
Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Product Type 0
Application 0
Technology 0
Sensor Type 0
Power Powered by lithium thionyl chloride battery: 5 years of operation for 1 uplink 5 minutes.
Battery Life Non-rechargeable lithium battery 19 Ah
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