Embest FRDM-KL05Z

Freescale Semiconductor Cortex M0+, Freedom Dev Board
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  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ core
    * up to 48 MHz operation
    * Single-cycle fast I/O access port
  • Memories
    * 32 KB flash
    * 4 KB SRAM
  • System integration
    * Power management and mode controllers
    * Low-leakage wakeup unit
    * Bit manipulation engine for read-modify-write peripheral operations
    * Direct memory access (DMA) controller
    * Computer operating properly (COP) Watchdog timer
  • Clocks
    * Clock generation module with FLL and PLL for system and CPU clock generation
    * 4 MHz and 32 kHz internal reference clock
    * System oscillator supporting external crystal or resonator
    * Low-power 1kHz RC oscillator for RTC and COP watchdog
  • Analog peripherals
    * One 14-channel 12-bit SAR ADC w/ DMA support
    * 12-bit DAC w/ DMA support
    * High speed comparator
  • Communication peripherals
    * One 8-bit Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)
    * One I2C modules
    * One low-power UART
  • Timers
    * One 6-channel Timer/PWM module
    * One 2-channel Timer/PWM modules
    * 2-channel Periodic Interrupt Timer (PIT)
  • Real time clock (RTC)
    * Low-power Timer (LPT)
    * System tick timer
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
    * General purpose input/output controller
    * One 8-channel capacitive touch sense input interface hardware module
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Model Number FRDM-KL05Z
Brand Embest
Weight 0.4000
Dimensions x x mm
Warranty 1 Year
Category Type Computing
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