Embest SBC8100 Single Board Computer TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 SBC

SBC8100 Single Board Computer
256MByte DDR SDRAM, 512MByte NAND Flash, UART, USB, Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth, GPS, Camera, Audio, SD, Keyboard, LCD, VGA, S-Video, TV Output Display
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  • Form Factor: SBC
  • Product Series:
  • Processor: TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A8
  • Cooling: w/o Fan
  • Power:

SBC8100 Plus is now available with DM3730 CPU board Mini8510!
Mini8510 hardware fully compatible with Mini8100!
Migrate from the OMAP3530 to DM3730!

- TI OMAP3530 Processor based on 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core (SBC8100)

- TI DM3730 Processor based on 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 core (SBC8100 Plus)
- Memory supporting Up to 256MByte DDR SDRAM + 512MByte NAND Flash
- UART, USB, Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth, GPS, Camera, Audio, SD, Keyboard,...
- Supports 24-bit TFT LCD, VGA, S-Video/TV Output Display
- Ready-to-Run Linux2.6.32 and WinCE 6.0 (SBC8100)
- Ready-to-Run Linux2.6.32, Android 2.2 and WinCE 6.0 (SBC8100 Plus)

Embest SBC8100 Single Board Computer is a high-performance controller board based on Texas Instruments' OMAP3530 microprocessor introduced by Embest after Devkit8000 evaluation board. It is designed based on the Mini8100 CPU board which integrates an OMAP3530 microcontroller, 256MByte DDR SDRAM, 512MByte Nand Flash, RTC, LEDs and one Camera interface on board. The Mini8100 is connected with SBC8100 expansion board through two 1.27mm space 2*45-pin dip connectors.

The SBC8100 Plus integrates Mini8510 as the CPU board which compatible with Mini8100 but using TI's DM3730 as its CPU core board. This is convenient for customers who used SBC8100 or Mini8100 before to upgrade to SBC8100 Plus or Mini8510 so as to migrate from the OMAP3530 to DM3730 for their embedded designs.

In addition to those features provided by the CPU board, the expansion board has exposed many of other features of the OMAP3530 or DM3730. It has integrated RS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth, GPS, Audio In/Out, Keyboard, LCD, VGA, S-Video/TV out, SD card and more other functions on board. So many hardware resources provided by the expansion board, it becomes a solid reference board for customer design.

Embest also offers a complete software development package to customers. The board supports linux 2.6 and WindowsCE 6.0 operating systems and is provided with complete basic drivers which enable a quick channel to evaluate the TI OMAP3530 or DM3730 processor and customize application software. It would be an ideal development platform for multimedia and communication applications.

More Information
Model Number SBC8100 Single Board Computer
Brand Embest
Weight 2.2000
Dimensions 144.9 x 114.1 x mm
Form Factor SBC
Processor TI ARM
Cooling w/o Fan
CPU TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A8
Speed 600MHz
Chipset TI OMAP3530
System Memory 256MB
Temperature 0° to 70°C
Bios uboot/eboot
Software Support Linux2.6.32 and WinCE 6.0
Warranty 1 Year
Packing List 1 x SBC8100 Single Board Computer with Mini8100 Processor Card
1 x 512MB SD card
1 x Serial cable
1 x net cable
1 x USB cable (Type A Male to Type Mini-B Male)
1 x S-Video cable
1 x 5V@2A Power adapter
1 x Product CD
Category Type Computing
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