Embest Mini2100 Samsung Cortex-A8 Processor Card

1GB Mobile DDR2, 1GB Nand Flash, four 0.5mm space 2*40-pin board-to-board female expansion connectors
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  • Form Factor: Processor Card
  • Product Series:
  • Processor: Samsung Cortex-A8
  • Cooling: w/o Fan
  • Power: 5V


  • Mechanical Parameters
    •   Dimensions: 55.2mm x 50.5mm (8 layer PCB design)
    •   Working temperature: 0~70 Celsius
    •   Humidity Range: 20% ~ 90%
    •   Power Consumption: 200mA @ 5V
  • Processor
    •   Samsung S5PV210 Mobile Application Processor
      •   - Up to 1-GHz ARM Cortex -A8 Core with NEON, also supports 800-MHz operation
      •   - 32KB I-Cache; 32KB D-Cache; 512KB L2 Cache
      •   - Onchip 64KB ROM and 96KB SRAM
      •   - Built-in the programmable PowerVR SGX540 core
      •   - 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration
      •   - Multi Format Codec provides encoding and decoding of MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 up to 1080p@30fps and decoding of MPEG-2/VC1 video up to 1080p@30 fps
  • Memory
    •   1GBytes Mobile DDR2, 8-bit
    •   1GBytes NAND Flash, 8-bit
  • Expansion Interfaces and Signals Routed to Pins
    •   Four 0.5mm space 2*20-pin board-to-board female expansion connectors
        •   - TFT LCD Interface (support 24/ 18/ 16-bpp parallel RGB Interface LCD)
        •   - Analog TV interface (support NTSC / PAL)
        •   - HDMI Digital TV Interface (Supports 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
        •   - 3-channel Camera Interfaces (Supports ITU-R BT 601/656 YCbCr 8-bit, MIPI mode)
        •   - PCM Audio Interface (Supports three port PCM interface)
        •   - AC97 Audio Interface (Supports AC97 Full Specification)
        •   - JTAG Debugger Interface
        •   - USB 2.0 OTG (Supports high-speed up to 480 Mbps)
        •   - USB 2.0 Host (Supports high-speed up to 480 Mbps)
        •   - 14*8 Key Matrix support
        •   - 2-channel SPI Interfaces
        •   - 3-channel IIS bus interfaces
        •   - 3-channel IIC bus interfaces
        •   - 4 channel HS-MMC/SD
        •   - 4-channel UART (Supports 5-bit, 6-bit, 7-bit, or 8-bit serial data transmit/ receive)
        •   - 10-channel multiplexed ADC (support Maximum 500Ksamples/sec and 12-bit resolution)
        •   - GPIO (up to 237 multi-functional input/ output ports)


Embest Mini2100 processor card is based on Samsung's S5PV210 ARM Cortex-A8 application processor which is powered by 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 core with built-in the programmable PowerVR SGX540 core. The board has 1Gbytes mobile DDR2 and 1Gbytes Nand Flash and uses four 0.5mm space 2*40-pin female board-to-board connectors to bring out many hardware peripheral signals and GPIOs from CPU.

The board is ideal for your next embedded design which you intend to use the S5PV210 for multi-media applications. Embest also designed an expansion board for integration of the Mini2100 processor card. The single board computer is called SBC2100. The board features 1080p HDMI and VGA/DVI-D video output which can implement large size monitor and TV display. The board is ready to run Android 2.2 and WinCE 6.0 operating systems and should be a solid platform for your design reference.

More Information
Model Number Mini2100
Brand Embest
Weight 0.5000
Dimensions 55.2 x 50.5 x mm
Form Factor Processor Card
Processor Samsung ARM
Cooling w/o Fan
Power 5V
CPU Samsung Cortex-A8
Speed 1.0GHz
Chipset Samsung S5PV210
System Memory 1GB
Temperature 0° to 70°C
Bios uboot/eboot
Software Support Google Android 2.3, WinCE 6.0
Warranty 1 Year
Packing List Mini2100 board
User's manual/utility CD
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