Embest SBC2410-III Samsung ARM 920T SBC

64MB SDRAM, 64MB NandFlash 3 UARTs, Ethernet, 1 USB Host and 1 USB Device, LCD, Touch Screen, SD, Audio Mini2410-II as CPU core board
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  • Form Factor: SBC
  • Product Series:
  • Processor: Samsung ARM 920T
  • Cooling: w/o Fan
  • Power:

SBC2410-III Single Board Computer
  •     - Samsung's S3C2410A ARM920T Microcontroller, Operating frequency 266MHz
  •     - 64MBbyte SDRAM + 64MByte Nand Flash
  •     - UART, USB, Ethernet, LCD, Touch Screen, Audio, SD card, Jtag,...
  •     - Supporting for Linux 2.6.14 and WinCE 5.0

General Description

Embest SBC2410-III Single Board Computer has a flexible design with a super tiny CPU board Mini2410-II mounted on an expansion board. The CPU board has a Samsung S3C2410A processor, 64Mbyte Nand Flash, 64Mbyte SDRAM on it. The expansion board extends functions of the CPU controller with various peripherals including USB Host/ Device, IDE, serial ports, Ethernet, LCD, Audio, RTC, LEDs, SD, Jtag, etc.

The board is capable of supporting for Linux and WinCE operating system and Embest provides Linux2.6.14 and WinCE5.0 BSP which would better offer users a fast time-to-market and a customizable and flexible reference platform.

More Information
Model Number SBC2410-III
Brand Embest
Weight 2.3000
Dimensions 135 x 158.5 x mm
Form Factor SBC
Processor Samsung ARM
Cooling w/o Fan
CPU Samsung ARM 920T
Speed 266MHz
Chipset Samsung S3C2410A
System Memory 64MB
Temperature 0° to 70°C
Bios uboot/eboot
Software Support Linux / WinCE 5.0
Warranty 1 Year
Packing List 1x SBC2410-III board
including 1x processor card Mini2410-II and 1x base board)
1x Serial cable
1x net cable
1x USB cable
1x Embest EasyICE JTAG cable
12V power adapter
User's manual/utility CD
Category Type Computing
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