5G Helium Miner Deal Alert!

5G Helium Miner Deal Alert!

5G Helium Miner Deals Alert!
Limited Time Offer.

Join the Network. Earn Cryptocurrency.

Introducing MinerWorks

For nearly 2 decades, Embedded Works has brought the latest in RF & wireless product innovations to the tech sector. We're leading the charge again with the launch of MinerWorks, a new portfolio of products dedicated to technologies that utilize blockchain, decentralized wireless, and tokenomics.

Helium LoRaWAN - Phase 1

Unless you've been avoiding crypto-related news, then you may have heard about Helium, the unicorn crypto wireless company ($1.2B valuation) that has revolutionized how to build a decentralized wireless (De-Wi) network. In Phase 1, device owners are incentivized to install a LoRaWAN gateway (hotspot miners) in their home/business in order to earn crypto token rewards called HNT. These hotspots use a method called proof-of-coverage & proof-of-usage to "mine" HNT thereby creating the world's largest wireless IoT network. Within 2 years, the Helium network ballooned to nearly 1M deployed hotspots — see the coverage map here.

Helium 5G - Phase 2

Just last month, Helium (renamed to Nova Labs) launched a new De-Wi network using Private LTE based on CBRS which it calls "Helium 5G", and issued a new token called MOBILE. During this launch (Genesis) period, the reward incentives are quite generous with 100M MOBILE tokens issued per day to be distributed to all active 5G Miners. The network is growing rapidly with 6K+ miners already deployed. Helium's 5G network has gotten the attention of carrier T-Mobile which recently announced a roaming partnership.

How Do I Mine Helium 5G?

In order to participate in the Helium 5G mining rewards you'll need to purchase a Helium 5G miner + CBRS small cell radio. (Note that all 5G miners come with LoRaWAN radios too so you'll mine both HNT and MOBILE.) You can choose to get the INDOOR small cell radio which does not require roof installation and you'll earn 1X MOBILE rewards multiplier, or get the OUTDOOR small cell that offers 2.5X MOBILE token rewards! The more small cells you install on your site, the more token rewards you'll earn! (i.e. 2 outdoor small cells will grant you 5X MOBILE rewards.) Oh, and you'll want a high-gain antenna kit to increase your HNT earnings too!

Start Mining and Start Earning!

As an authorized Helium 5G provider, and in celebration of our MinerWorks launch party, we are offering a limited-time promotion of Helium 5G kits below. If you've been on the sideline and want to be part of this De-Wi movement, take advantage of this one-time Helium 5G Genesis period. NOW is the best time to start — happy mining!

Choose Your Helium 5G Kit and

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5G Helium Miner Bobber500

Helium 5G Miner Bobber500

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