Taoglas ASGPR.25B.4.A.27 Surface Mount / Patch

Athena Extend ASGPR.25B - 2 Stage 27dB SMT Active Patch Module with I-PEX Receptacle
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  • Antenna Type: Surface Mount / Patch
  • Frequency:
  • Power Gain: 27 dBi
  • Connector:
  • Application:

The patent pending revolutionary powerful active SMD GPS patch antenna allows for optimal performing GPS by combining the ceramic patch, SAW, LNA, and feed pad in one integral package. Horizontally mounted on a board as any other components, GPS device designers no longer need to compromise in performance. The right hand circular polarized patch is ideally matched to the GPS signal, tuned for maximum gain, minmal axial ratio. The SAW is placed in front of the LNA, helping prevent saturation due to nearby radio transmitters, and the possibility of radiated spurious emissions through other radio systems. The unique SMD structure enables pick and place and reflow soldering onto booards in high volumes, with highest reliablity, compared to traditional cabled solutions. All that is needed is to run a 50 Ohm co-planar waveguide to the SMD GPS receiver module. The patch antenna can be tuned for each device environment if necessary.
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Model Number ASGPR.25B.4.A.27
Brand Taoglas
Weight 1.0000
Dimensions x x mm
Antenna Type Surface Mount / Patch
Gain 27 dBi
Temperature -40° to 85°C
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