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Briowireless BRIOSENS-4GCAT1-VZW 4G LTE Cat 1 w/ 3G Fallback Weatherproof Verizon Certified

BrioSens - fully integrated sensor monitoring and communications gateway

Model : BrioSens-4GCAT1-VZW


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MSRP $0.00
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Easy to deploy, simple to use, flexible connectivityfor your sensor monitoring applications.
BrioSens is a fully integrated sensor monitoring andcommunications gateway incorporating a powerfulprocessor, certified WWAN and WLAN technologies,multiple user configurable analog & digital inputs withan IP67 enclosure designed for tough environments.BrioSens is easy to program & deploy and uniquelysuited for real or interval timed industrial sensingapplications. .
Easy to deploy gateway for remotesensor monitoring
Integrated Arm Core processor forreal time reporting
Programmable in minutes
Waterproof enclosure (IP67)
Certified Multi-band cellular radio
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth LAN built-in
RS-232 and USB ports
Digital and Analog sensor inputs
Temperature and Humidity sensorsbuilt-in
Wide operating temperature range, -10-> 85C
pwr cable and antennas NOT included
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