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Briowireless BP4G1-USV-UFL 4G LTE Cat 1 Single Mode Modem

BitPipe™ 4G Cellular Modem

Model : BP4G1-USV-UFL

  • Form Factor: Modem: Embedded Socket
  • Technology: 4G LTE Cat 1 Single Mode
  • Frequency: 4G: AWS 1700-2100 (B4)/700 (B13) MHz
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Features:

- Add cellular modem connectivity to your own IoT hardware solutions or use BitPipe™ in autonomous mode for standalone M2M applications.
- BitPipe™ BP43G1-US Cellular Modem is a fully integrated compact wireless interface device that simplifies the development of IoT M2M connectivity solutions, reducing R&D costs and accelerating time to market.
- BitPipe™ family of interchangeable devices incorporates everything you need; certified cellular radio, DC-DC converter, digital and analog inputs & outputs, serial communications and software API. SSL data communication, SMS messaging and I/O reporting using MQTT are also supported.
- BitPipe™ IoT Connectivity Interface is designed to easily integrate any wireless IoT connectivity, the BitPipe™ Modem Family modules, with your IoT solution and onto your printed circuit board (PCB). Once you’ve integrated it in your design, your IoT solution literally become multi-networks compatible; hence future network migration or upgrade will be no issue.
- If required by your IoT application design, especially if your IoT application or service requires the capacity and advantages of a high-performance LTE network, you can instantly establish an LTE cellular connectivity by simply inserting the BitPipe™ 4G LTE Fallback 3G onto the BitPipe™ IoT Interface; thus, accelerating greatly your time to market.
- All our IoT Connectivity Modems are PTCRB-certifed, FCC-compliant & MQTT-ready.
- Carrier-approved: AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Telus
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