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Encore Networks EN-400 4G LTE Cat M1 Single Mode Verizon

Industry First CAT-M1 router on Verizon Network (Pre-Order now)

Model : EN-400


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MSRP $170.00 - Save $0.00 (0.00%)
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  • Form Factor: Router: Indoor
  • Technology: 4G LTE Cat M1 Single Mode
  • Frequency: LTE CAT M-1
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Coverage Region: North America

Industry’s First M-Class LTE Wireless Router For M2M and IoT Applications
The Encore Networks EN-400 high-performance router is the firstcommercial M-Class router developed for the newest Category M1(CAT M) service on LTE Category M1 networks. CAT M provides alow-latency LTE connection but at speeds equivalent to the current2G network. CAT M technology provides several advantages for IoTapplications:
• Lower hardware costs
• Lower power consumption—ideal for power sensitivedeployments like solar or battery powered applications
• Better building penetration—for devices deployed inbasements, wire closets, or other dense industrial areas
• Better tower density—more devices can share the sametower
• Lower data usage means lower data costs
The EN-400TM on CAT M is an ideal replacement for sunsetting 2Gcellular data services.While comparable in cost to 2G solutions, the EN-400TM offers morefunctionality and security than early 2G modems, and the long lifeexpectancy of LTE. This combination of routing features with CAT Mspeed is ideal for applications such as:
• ATMs
• Kiosks
• Retail Point of Sale
• Security panels
• Remote access and control
• Out-of-band management
Designed for the Internet of Things, the EN-400TM router includes manyadvanced features at an attractive base price. Other vendors oftencharge extra to activate features like:
• Advanced IP routing protocols like DMNR, GRE, and IPsec
• VPN (tunnel, NAT-T, and Dead Peer Detection)
• Firewall
• Legacy protocols and IP interworking
• Cellular/IP pass-through for direct connect to the Internet
The EN 400™ is the first M-Class router of its kind, delivering reliable cellular connectivity for IoT applicationson the first CATM network. For existing 2G applications facing transport extinction, the EN-400™ provides afuture-proof upgrade at lowest cost and fastest ROI. It is the perfect solution for mission critical low bit ratetransport applications.
All of the enSeries cellular routers provide exceptional features at a value price. The EN 400™ is an excellentchoice for those in the fields of ATM operation, electronic gaming, remote payment processing, and kioskmanagement. In addition, it provides enough throughput and security features to operate as an out of bandmanagement solution, or for remote monitoring and control applications. The lower power requirementsmake it ideal for use with solar panels or battery packs. Like all products in the enSeries, the EN400™ can alsobe managed with the enCloud device management system. Allowing you to monitor your entire networkof enSeries routers.

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