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Gemalto (Cinterion) PVS8 3G CDMA / EV-DO Module: LGA Surface Mount, Verizon - USA Certified (MPN: L30960-N2650-A330)

Gemalto PVS8 Wireless Module
Thinnest CDMA LGA Module in the Market

Model : PVS8


MSRP $60.77 - Save $5.52 (9.09%)


MSRP $60.77 - Save $5.52 (9.09%)
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The Gemalto® PVS8 offers a smart solution for wireless connectivity today and in the future. PVS8 supports CDMA2000 technology standard, it comes in the exact same form factor as the Cinterion PHS8 (HSPA+ only) and the PXS8 (Muliti Mode CDMA / HSPA+) module as well allowing room for growth to 4G cellular technology, to support highest ? exibility and a future proof design for our customers.

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