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Option CG0102-11955-D-NONCELLULAR Certified

Cloudgate Non- Cellular Broadband Router

Model : CG0102-11955-D-noncellular


MSRP $268.40 - Save $24.40 (9.09%)


MSRP $268.40 - Save $24.40 (9.09%)
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The CloudGate Non Cellular gateway from Optionis a ruggedized appliance offering Ethernet Serial, USB, I/O, orBluetooth/XBee connectivity to virtually any industrial orautomation equipment.

It is intended for environments in which WiFi or Wired LAN's areavailable and cellular connectivity is not needed.

  • Two Expansion Slots for WiFi & Additional Interfaces
  • Cloud-Based Provisioning of Custom Middleware and Applications
  • Remote Management
  • Secure, redundant firmware and configuration images
  • Unique software and hardware configuration flexibility
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