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Peplink MAX-HD2-LTE-E-T 4G LTE CAT 4 w/ 3G Fallback Router: Indoor Worldwide Certified

Industrial-Grade 4G LTE/3G Router Certifed on Multi-Carriers.

Model : MAX-HD2-LTE-E-T

Multi-Cellular Bandwidth Bonding Router (6 WAN) SpeedFusion Bandwidth/VPN Bonding 1x USB, 2x Ethernet, Wi-Fi WAN 2x Embedded 4G LTE Modem (GSM: Global Compatibility) 802.11n Wi-Fi APFull Antenna Set

The MAX HD2 is the first carrier-grade cellular router to feature multiple embedded modems for bandwidth bonding and failover, dramatically increasing both speed and reliability on the go. Built to withstand the most demanding mobile-use conditions, the MAX HD2 operates in temperatures ranging from -40 to 65°C and features industrial-grade shock resistance. The rugged MAX HD2's dual embedded EVDO/HSPA modems and patent-pending SpeedFusionTM bandwidth bonding technology seamlessly fuse multiple Internet connections for stutter-free teleconferencing, HD video delivery, and other bandwidth-intensive mobile applications. In addition to connecting using the MAX HD2's embedded cellular modems, users can also employ Wi-Fi, satellite, and other Ethernet- or USB-based Internet connections. Widely deployed in diverse mobile networking roles worldwide, the Pepwave MAX HD2 is a favorite in applications ranging from industrial telemetry and surveillance to news unit field broadcast and public safety

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