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ZTE MC2261-AERIS 2G CDMA / 1xRTT Aeris CDMA Certified

ZTE MC2261 - (2G) 1xRTT CDMA SMD module Aeris Certified

Model : MC2261-Aeris

The ZTE MC2261 module brings low cost CDMA 1xRTT data-only connectivity to your M2M applications. Based on Qualcomm technology, the MC2261 is ideally suited for robust and rugged telemetry devices. ZTE's MC2261 is a Stamp Hole embedded module for CDMA 1xRTT bands 900/1900 that can be integrated into M2M solutions for aftermarket AVL and Telemetry verticals and other devices requiring only 2G connectivity. Powered by the Qualcomm® MSM1110 chipset, the MC2261 offers high performance to the user.
Certified for the Aeris network.
These are OEM modules intended for integration into end-products. Dev Kits must be ordered for development, Modules are not offered in sample quantities.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE trial period of 3 months on the Aeris network with the purchase of an Aeris certified modem or module This plan includes 5MB of data per month for 3 months, SMS is not included. Just add the FREE plan in the "related items" area to get this offer. One free plan per customer/account, plan term will start immediately and expire 3 months from order. Plan term can be extended for additional cost, please contact us for details..

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