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Maestro Wireless EW-M100CDMA-AERIS-BUNDLE 2G CDMA / 1xRTT Modem: Indoor Rated with GPS Aeris CDMA - USA Certified

NOTE: This unit is EOL as of July 2014, and will have very limited availability. Maestro M100 CDMA modem Bundle (Aeris USA)

Model : EW-M100CDMA-Aeris-Bundle


MSRP $178.20 - Save $16.20 (9.09%)


MSRP $178.20 - Save $16.20 (9.09%)
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Maestro M100CDMA has been specifically designed to withstand harsh environments. Compact, high voltage range, and power surge resistant, the Maestro M100CDMA can easily be integrated into demanding industrial applications from electricity meters to intrusion alarms or vending machines. The M100CDMA modem also has gpsOne, which features can be used for location-aware applications. Available on Sprint, Verizon and Aeris networks in the US, a generic version is also available. This unit is the Aeris version. This Bundle includes power supply, mag-mount CDMA antenna with 250cm cable, and DB15 RS-232(M) to DB 9 RS-232(F) 110cm Cable NOTE: This unit is EOL as of 1 April 2014, units will only be available through the end of 2014.
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