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Maestro Wireless M100EVO-11B-BUNDLE 2G GSM / GPRS Modem: Indoor Rated Multi-Carrier GSM Certified

Maestro M100 GSM/GPRS modem Bundle ( Metal Casing modem, pwr supply, antenna, RS232 cable)

Model : M100evo-11B-Bundle


MSRP $152.90 - Save $13.90 (9.09%)


MSRP $152.90 - Save $13.90 (9.09%)
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Maestro 100 Evolution series is the perfect solution for demanding M2M applications.Compact and fully featured, the Maestro 100evo series can easily be integrated into industrial application from electricity meters to intrusion alarms or vending machines. Maestro 100evo modems are GPRS quadband and full type approved, making them immediately usable worldwide. Renowned for their outstanding reliability, Maestro 100evo modems are the perfect devices to integrate in each of your projects facing tough conditions or extended lifetime requirements.
This is the modem KIT, which contains the metal-case modem, 1.2A Industrial AC/DC pwr supply, cellular antenna with 2.5m cable, 1.1m RS-232 cable.

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