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Sierra Wireless MG90-SINGLE-PRO 4G LTE Cat 12 w/ Fallback Ruggedized/ Vehicle with GPS-WiFi Verizon / AT&T / T-mobile Certified

Mobile LTE CAT12 speeds! 600Mbps downlink

Model : MG90-single-pro


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MSRP $1,899.00 - Save $0.00 (0.00%)
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High Performance Vehicle Networking Platform EXTENSIBLE MULTI-NETWORK CONNECTIVITY
Built for first responders and in-field personnel, the AirLink MG90 offers up to 300 Mbps downlink speed over LTE Advanced, 1.3 Gbps over dual radio, dual concurrent 3x3 MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and 5-port Gigabit Ethernet. The AirLink MG90 can host up to 128 clients at any one time, and concurrently connect multiple mission critical applications in and around the vehicle including laptops, MVRs and tablets, in addition to providing live video streaming, and rapid secure access to remote databases. The AirLink MG90 supports up to 21 LTE frequency bands, enabling operation on emerging LTE networks worldwide. It has a single variant for LTE networks in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, which allows international customers to use the same AirLink MG90 router in many geographical areas, vastly simplifying large deployments across multiple carriers. With dual-SIM functionality for automatic failover between SIMs, the MG90 offers superior connectivity and cost optimization when roaming.

Purpose built for vehicle power environments, the AirLink MG90 does not require any external power conditioning, is optimized to survive extreme transient surges, and maintains continuous power through cold cranking as low as 5V. The MG90 was developed with industrial grade components to accommodate extreme temperatures, such as a customized die cast aluminum housing to manage thermodynamics. It is sealed to meet IP64 for resistance to dust and water ingress, and has been tested to meet and exceed the MIL-STD-810G specifications for shock, vibration, temperature and humidity.

Offering built-in vehicle-ready I/O, Bluetooth and Vehicle Telemetry interface, the MG90 enables remote monitoring of auxiliary devices, such as light bars, sirens and gun racks, and can collect OBD-II vehicle telemetry data for engine diagnostic and performance data to monitor vehicle health. Utilizing next generation GNSS location technology that supports 48 satellites from 4 different satellite constellations, the MG90 provides fast, reliable and precise vehicle location information, even in the most challenging environments. The MG90 contains an Inertial Navigation System1 that allows it to track without satellites, using dead reckoning algorithms integrated with the GNSS. The Inertial Navigation System continues to provide positioning information when the GNSS is unable to acquire satellites, enabling tracking through urban canyons, tunnels and underground parking.
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