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BEC Technologies MX-200A-ODU_Verizon 4G LTE Cat 6 w/ 3G Fallback Verizon

IP68 rated Outdoor 4G/ LTE CAT6 Router

Model : MX-200A-ODU_Verizon


MSRP $1,149.99 - Save $150.99 (13.13%)


MSRP $1,149.99 - Save $150.99 (13.13%)
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  • Form Factor: Router: Outdoor / Rugged
  • Technology: 4G LTE Cat 6 w/ 3G Fallback
  • Frequency: LTE Band 2, 4, 13, fallback CDMA-EVDO for Verizon
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Coverage Region:

The BEC MX-200A ODU is an industrial-grade 4G/LTE Outdoor Router designed for mission critical operation in rugged, harsh environments. The MX-200A ODU is a Category 6 device supporting LTE Advanced and Carrier Aggregation (up to 300Mbps DL) and comes with 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports. The IP68 rated enclosure will withstand dirt, harmful ingress of water, humidity and extreme temperatures for years of dependable operation. The Embedded high gain MIMO directional antenna provides improved signal quality, increased signal range and coverage across multiple frequency bands. Physical size and weight (under 4lbs) were key design considerations, thus the MX-200A ODU can be mounted directly on exterior walls, chimneys, lightweight poles and used for retrofitting applications such as the replacement of older generation wireless technology.

Innovative MIMO Antenna Technology
Homes and businesses with a weak or nonexistent wireless signal can benefit from the extended range and reach of the MX-200A ODU. Multiple MIMO antenna technology options allow service providers to select the optimal solution for their environment or application whether LOS (Line of Sight) or NLOS (Non-Line of Sight). Pointing the face of the unit towards the nearest tower of the chosen carrier gives the best results, since the antennas are directional.

Rugged Weatherproof Design
The MX-200A ODU is an industrial-grade outdoor wireless router with an IP68 rated enclosure to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh rugged deployments. In addition to outdoor, it can be installed in environments such as: manufacturing plants, industrial automation, stadiums, convention halls, stadium facilities, school campuses or virtually any venue requiring a robust wireless solution. The MX-200A ODU of 4G/LTE Outdoor routers creates value, enables new growth opportunities and helps operators maximize network ROI.

Remote Management and Network Visibility
Monitoring, management and control of network devices in real-time is important. Administrators can extend network visibility with BECentral, BECs Cloud Based Remote Management Platform. BECentral provides administrators with a comprehensive suite of services for real-time device monitoring, provisioning, troubleshooting and maintenance from a single centralized location. The platform will simplify device access, lower support expenses, accelerate deployments / service delivery and maximizes the operational efficiency.

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