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Everything You Need to Stay Connected
Every minute of network downtime costs you time and money! You need to be prepared for connectivity outages that can impact your customer service, sales, brand reputation and even put your legal and financial compliance systems at risk.In today's connected world of Machine to Machine (M2M) communications and IoT, Accelerated offers you peace of mind at an affordable price. The Accelerated 6300-CX is a compact, affordable, high-performance, LTE / 3G enterprise router that is ideally suited for connections to the IoT, as well as primary or backup connectivity for branch office, distributed sites, smart devices and retail locations.
Designed for Primary or Backup Connectivity
The Accelerated 6300-CX allows any Ethernet connected device to utilize cellular wireless data for either primary or backup connectivity. The 6300-CXs compact size (4.3 x 4.3 x 1 inches) make the 6300-CX an ideal solution for your M2M applications.
The Accelerated 6300-CX ships with a temporary battery pack that can be used to perform a site survey to identify an ideal mounting location with optimal signal strength. The included PoE cable and extensive mounting hardware facilitate rapid installations.
Centralized Remote Management
Like all Accelerated products, you can centrally manage the Accelerated 6300-CX with our cloud-based management portal, Accelerated View. This secure portal allows you to rapidly deploy and manage a large number of remote locations. From Accelerated View, you can remotely monitor, configure and update single devices or groups of Accelerated 6300-CXs.Accelerated 6300-CX is also engineered to handle the unexpected. In the unlikely event of lost cellular data connectivity to your Accelerated 6300-CX, you can avoid costly on-site service technician visits by recovering the device Out-of-Band using an encrypted SMS control system: Accelerated Emergency Remote.
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