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The ZoomCell™ line of industrial USB cell modems includes LTE AT&T®, T-Mobile®, Verizon®, and European modems as well as multi-country models. Featuring high-performance RF, antenna, and power supply design, ZoomCell modems are the right choice for many M2M and IoT product designs. The modems’ extensive certifications dramatically lower the costs, time to market, and risk associated with incorporating a cellular modem module into your device. All models include Gemalto Cinterion® modules with high performance and guaranteed availability for many years.
Flexible USB modem mounting
• Plugs directly into the USB port or indirectly via USB cable
• Easy wall-mount option for cased models Flexible power handling
• Typically all power is supplied by the primary USB port.
• Micro-USB jack lets you plug in a 5V power cube or a second USB port for extra power if needed.
• In some modes, the modem draws between 500 and 800 mA. If this is too much for one USB port, use the modem’s supplemental Micro-USB power jack or put the modem into a lower-current mode.
• SMA and U.FL antenna options allow fixed or moveable antennas
• Works with Linux, Mac, and Windows devices including computers and Raspberry Pi devices
• Linux and Mac devices don’t require extra driver support. InstallShield eases Windows installation.
• AT command control capability through USB port Built-in Protocol Stack
• Transparent and non-transparent TCP/UDP client and server.
• HTTP/DNS/Ping/FTP/SMTP client
• TLS support for TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP/SMTP On-board Java can execute from non-volatile memory
• Java support on models 4605, 4606, 4610, 4611, 4625, 4626, 4630, and 4631
Built-in SIM connector with auto-detect feature
Two LEDs
• Blue LED for status monitoring
• Green LED for power
Operating free-air temperature: -30° to 80° C
Note: The maximum operating free-air temperature may be lower or higher, depending on the transmitted power level, average data output speed, duration and duty rate of data transmission.
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