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Linx Technologies EVAL-2.4-RC / HumRC Series Basic Evaluation Kit

Spread Spectrum RF Remote Control Transceiver Module

Model : EVAL-2.4-RC


MSRP $128.70 - Save $29.70 (23.08%)


MSRP $128.70 - Save $29.70 (23.08%)
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The Linx HumRC Series Remote Control Transceiver modules offer a simple, efficient and cost-effective method of adding remote control capabilities to any product. The Basic Evaluation Kit provides a designer with all the tools necessary to correctly and legally incorporate the module into an end product. The boards serve several important functions:

  • Rapid Module Evaluation: The boards allow the performance of the Linx HumRC™ Series modules to be evaluated quickly in a user’s environment. The development boards can be used to evaluate the range performance of the modules.
  • Prototype Development: The demo boards serve as a reference design for the development of prototypes. Spare modules are also included for use on the first prototype boards.
  • Design Benchmark: The boards provide a known benchmark against which the performance of a custom design may be judged.
The Master Development System includes 2 Carrier Boards, 2 RC Demo Boards, 4 HumRC™ Series transceivers*, antennas, batteries and full documentation.

* One part is soldered to each Carrier Board
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