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Long Range HandHeld Evaluation System 418MHz

Long-Range Handheld Basic Evaluation Kit

Model : EVAL-418-HHLR


MSRP $171.35 - Save $22.35 (13.04%)


MSRP $171.35 - Save $22.35 (13.04%)
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This Basic Evaluation Kit is an ideal starting point to evaluate the performance of the Linx Long-Range Handheld transmitters and begin integration into your own product. The FCC pre-certified handheld transmitter allow OEMs to rapidly incorporate wireless functions in a wide variety of remote control and command applications. The kit contains two (2) CMD-HHLR Long-Range Handheld transmitters, along with a pre-assembled evaluation board based on the LR Series receiver and the Holtek HT658/S decoder. The development board features audible and visual indication for range testing and a small prototyping area with a signal breakout header for the user's circuit. (The KH Series receiver board is available upon request.)

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