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The BBA Series is a family of low-cost high-performance broadband RF amplifiers. The modules are ideally suited to a wide range of amplification and buffering applications, including extending the range of Linx RF modules (where legally appropriate). Housed in a compact SMD package, the hybrid amps are matched to 50-ohm source and load impedances. The modules utilize a GaHBT gain stage, which yields high gain and IP3, excellent flatness, and low noise. The BBA-322-A is the high gain model and is suitable for the LNA stage of many receivers. This extra gain stage on the front end of a receiver can improve the sensitivity and provide a greater range for the product. The BBA-519-A is the high power model and is suitable for the final gain stage in a transmitter. This amplifier can boost the output power of a transmitter to much higher levels and provide a significant increase in range (where legally appropriate).
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