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Ruckus Wireless UNLEASHED T301s 802.11ac 2x2:2 Dual Band Concurrent Outdoor Access Point

First Outdoor 802.11ac AP with BeamFlex+ designed for High Density Venues - w/ Internal sector adaptive antenna for 2.4GH and 5GHz, 120 deg sector coverage

Model : 9U1-T301-US51


MSRP $1,794.00 - Save $299.00 (16.67%)


MSRP $1,794.00 - Save $299.00 (16.67%)
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Configuration Options

Power Supply Option:
You must already have a minimum 1 Year WatchDog Support subscription prior to the purchase of an UNLEASHED AP. A single WatchDog Support subscription will work for up to 25 UNLEASHED APs. 802.11ac AP with narrow beam antenna for unprecedented directed coverage in high-density applications now UNLEASHED for simple and quick deployment.b>FEATURES

Internal Narrow Beam Antenna Technology
  • 30° narrow beam or 120° sectorized antennas for very high-density deployments in arenas, stadiums, airports, etc.
  • Up to 10 dB of implicit interference mitigation
  • The antennas are integrated into the T301 Series APs for a minimal form factor which is essential in many deployments

Ideal for High-density locations
  • Narrow beam antennas are ideal for high-density venues where RF energy must be very narrowly focused

Hardened enclosure for harsh outdoor environments
  • IP-67 water and dustproof plastic enclosure with flexible wall or pole mounting options

The ZoneFlex T301 Series are dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points (AP) designed explicitly for high density user environments such a stadiums, arenas, train stations, convention centers, and major metro areas.

Offered in either 30 degree narrow beam or 120 degree sectorized antenna versions, the T301 Series are designed for easy installation within an ultra-lightweight and low profile enclosure. The T301 Series is ideal for venue owners looking to quickly and economically deploy Wi-Fi in high-capacity environments. Using directed coverage, the APs can be deployed in close proximity, mitigating co-channel interference. This is critical as high density deployments requiring a large number of APs within a fixed space.

With Ruckus Unleashed™ Access Points, small and medium businesses can deploy Wi-Fi in minutes and configure it in just 60 seconds. Take advantage of a low-cost, high performance network that delivers an optimal wireless experience for your customers.

And when your business needs to grow, you can leverage your existing Unleashed investments to seamlessly upgrade to the controller-based management platform.

Now you can take advantage of smart Wi-Fi, controller-less.

Simple Deployment
  • Deploy easily with no controller
  • Configure a new Wi-Fi network

Network investment protection
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Forward compatible with all future Ruckus architectures

Optimal Wi-Fi user experience
  • Deliver a reliable Wi-Fi experience to your customers
  • Increase your network performance and capacity with Ruckus proprietary technologies such as BeamFlex+ and ChannelFly

Enhance your customers' experience
  • Drive customer engagement by deploying a high RF performance network
  • Leverage a wide range of guest access services such as: Captive portal, Email/SMS Guest Pass, Custom Logo, and Hotspot
  • ZeroIT enables easy on-boarding of multiple guests simultaneously

  • First Outdoor 802.11ac AP with BeamFlex+ designed for High Density Venues - w/ Internal sector adaptive antenna for 2.4GH and 5GHz, 120 deg sector coverage

Packing List: ZoneFlex T301s, 120x30 deg, Outdoor 802.11ac 2x2:2, 120 degree sector, dual band concurrent access point, one ethernet port, PoE input includes adjustable mounting bracket and one year warranty. Does not include PoE injector.
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