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Wireless 802.11n/b/g Portable Mini AP Speeds up to 150Mbps / Ralink RT3050

802.11n/b/g Portable Mini AP

Model : EW-WAPR-150GN


MSRP $59.94 - Save $9.99 (16.67%)


MSRP $59.94 - Save $9.99 (16.67%)
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Cost-Effective Small-Sized AP
SparkLAN SpeedPlus WAPR-150GN is a small-sized, 802.11n portable AP that
achieves a data rate up to 150Mbps. It is 3 times faster than the legacy 11g model
but is priced less, making it more cost-effective.

Multiple Operation Modes
The WAPR-150GN supports AP, AP Client, WISP Client, Router, Bridge, and WDS
modes. It is ideal for business travelers or hotel guests to share wireless connection
in the conference or exhibition or in the hotel.

Secure Wireless Connection
By supporting 64/128-bits WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPS, WAPR-150GN helps protect
your data and privacy during transmission.

Operation Mode - AP, AP Client, WISP Client, Router, Bridge, WDS
Just need the wireless 802.11n/b/g AP board, look at at the EWWAPR-150GN(M), under Network AP Boards,
Ralink Based - http://www.embeddedworks.net/psummary.php?mn=wlan&mid=mwlan4221

**EWWAPR-150GN- Default mode is AP Mode. The EWWAPR-150GN is Professional AP with powerful AP functions, for SI and OEM applications**
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