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802.11b/g Wireless Client Ethernet Adapter (USB Powered + Detachable Antenna)

***NOTE: This product is being discountinued, hence MOQ shall be QTY 100+. PLease go here for the next gen. 802.11n/b/g Ethernet Adaptor replacement.

802.11b/g Ethernet powered through USB + Detachable Antenna

Model : EW-WCM110


MSRP $102.00 - Save $17.00 (16.67%)


MSRP $102.00 - Save $17.00 (16.67%)
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This unique 802.11b/g ethernet adapter sports a wide variety of features not commonly found in most off-the-shelf wireless adapters:
  • Wirelessly enables ANY computer hardware that has an Ethernet (RJ45 10/100) plug
  • Works on any Operating System or CPU system - No Software Drivers needed!
  • Designed to be powered via USB port OR optional external power supply
  • Detachable Antenna for even greater range and antenna choices
This products offers industry standard IEEE 802.11b/g capability, 54Mbps speed and 128bit WEP / WPA Encryption. Ideal for laptops, desktops, ethernet printers, projectors, video game consoles, embedded computers and on-the-road connections (hotel internet, public hotspots, etc.)
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