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LDVDSV2-1587 - B&B Electronics AutoTap™ OBDII Data Streamer

Advanced OBDII Data Streamer

Model : LDVDSV2-1587


MSRP $195.00 - Save $45.00 (23.08%)


MSRP $195.00 - Save $45.00 (23.08%)
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B&B's intelligent Streamers extract and translate the complex OBDII data from the vehicle bus and convert them into easy-to-use parameters, allowing Telematics Service Providers to focus on developing best of class applications.
-The B&B Electronics AutoTap™ OBDII Data Streamer Model LDVDSV2 connects your PC, driver terminal, Java-enabled phone, or other on-board computing device to the OBDII diagnostic bus of light and medium duty vehicles. It enables the retrieval of the most commonly used parameters of value in telematics and fleet management applications.
-The LDVDSV2 provides a simple operational protocol to communicate to the OBDII bus. It provides a common interface and deterministic response time for all vehicles.
Supported Parameters
-Vehicle Identification Number
-Vehicle Speed - Monitor aggressive driving
-Engine Speed - Monitor idle time and engine abuse
-Throttle Position
-Odometer/Distance Traveled - Monitor trip distance and HOS
-Instantaneous Fuel Rate in Gallons per Hour
-Total Fuel - Monitor MPG & Protect against theft
-Ignition status - Track Idle time
-Battery Voltage - Watch for charging system failures
-PTO Status - Automatically figure fuel tax savings
-Diagnostic Trouble Codes
-MIL Status
-Emissions Readiness Monitors - Check remotely if vehicles are ready for emissions certification
-Brake Switch Status and Seatbelt Fastened available on most Ford & GM trucks/vans
-Other parameters available on a custom basis
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