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Wiznet W7100-S2E - Serial-to-Ethernet SoC

Wiznet W7100-S2E - Serial-to-Ethernet SoC

Model : W7100-S2E


MSRP $11.69 - Save $2.70 (23.10%)


MSRP $11.69 - Save $2.70 (23.10%)
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W7100-S2E is a highly integrated SoC in which "Serial to Ethernet" application firmware is programmed. It comes with licensed networking firmware of WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR module, which is already deployed in millions of network device.

Market-Proven 'Serial to Ethernet' Firmware (WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR) Programmed in W7100A (100LQFP package)
  • MAC address included
  • Supports TCP & UDP communication
  • Supports DHCP & DNS
  • Configurable user password for security
  • Supports serial commands for serial configuration
  • Supports 10/100 Ethernet & Max.230 Kbps serial interface
  • Support firmware customization

Complete Hardware Reference Design Package
  • Reference Hardware Schematic
  • Gerber Files of WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR
  • Design Integration Guide
  • Part List (WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR)

Software Utilities for Easy Configuration
  • User Friendly Configuration Tool Program & its Source code
  • WIZ VSP (Virtual COM Port Program)
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