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TFL 4G LTE OBD-II $15/Month Plug-and-Play GPS Vehicle Tracking Device for Driver Safety, Fleet Monitoring, Fuel Savings, and Preventative Maintenance

$15/month Vehicle Tracking Solution


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Configuration Options

  • EASY OPERATION. Simply plug the OBD-II GPS tracker onto your vehicles OBD-II port and start tracking immediately.
  • RELIABLE 4G LTE NETWORK COVERAGE. With the recent news of the looming 3G network shutdown, the future proof design of TFL's OBD-II GPS vehicle tracking devices communicate on America's most recognized 4G LTE nationwide network. This allows TFL to support your Fleet tracking needs for many more years to come.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING. Locate and monitor your OBD-II GPS vehicle tracking device equiped assets up to the second through our TFL web portal or mobile app.
  • ALERTS AND REPORTS. Receive real-time email and scheduled reports via email or portal/mobile app notifications. Create geofences and get alerts notifiying you of vehicle movement at various points-of-interests. Receive speeding notifications. Generate execessive engine idling reports. Generate mileage reports for expense reports. Get notified of vehicle use outside of normal operating hours. Receive reminders for mileage and time related maintenance.
  • DRIVER SCORE CARD. Keep your drivers accountable for sensible driving. Driver scores are analyzed by the following criteria: harsh braking, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, reckless driving, and speeding.

TFL Device-as-a-Service Program - Making Vehicle Tracking Affordable to All
  • $15 per month
  • $20 activation fee
  • Easy installation
  • No equipment fees
  • Life time warranty for the life of your subscription
  • Long term support through 4G LTE Technology

How a simple plug-and-play device can save you or your business a lot of money and grief

Whether you're managing a fleet of service vehicles or have a new driver in the family, ensuring your drivers are responsible by using safe and efficient driving habits can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. Tracking For Less (TFL) offers an easy and affordable solution that can save your business money and keep those you care about safe.

TFL's Eco-Driving Feature

TFL's Eco-Driving feature generates driver scorecards based on five violation criteria that include rapid acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns, speeding, and reckless driving. These allow managers and administrators opportunities to evaluate their drivers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and address concerns or reward those who exercise the highest level of sensible driving.

CrashBoxx Service

The unmentionable has happened and your driver has got into an accident with your vehicle. Insurance companies from both sides are now talking to each other and you over hear the words “court” and “lawsuit”. Evidence is key when situations like this arise. With our TFL solution, we offer the CrashBoxx Service. At the instance of an accident, managers or admins will receive an email alert, which will also include the option to purchase a crash report. This crash report includes a Predictive Physical Damage assessment and Accident Reconstruction report.

Predictive Physical Damage benefits
  • Immediate detailed vehicle damage estimates
  • Improves and simplifies vehicle triage
  • Manages ecosystem costs (towing, impound, etc.)

Accident Reconstruction benefits
  • Automates incident reports
  • Facilitates validation and investigation services
  • Streamlines claims and processing

Only purchase it if think you need it. But, by investing in a CrashBoxx report, you hold evidence that can help avoid the need to go through costly litigation.

When you're looking for the best interest of your business or loved ones, or just looking for peace of mind, consider TFL as a partner in promoting responsible driving, protecting your most valuable assets, and offering cost-saving solutions at an affordable price. That is why we are called Tracking For Less.

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