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TrackingForLess Disposable Covert Asset Tracking Device for Monitoring Location and Temperature of Cargo, Packages, Luggage, and Assets in All Modes of Transportation in North America (FAA Compliant)

Disposable Covert Tracker for Cargo and Packages


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  • TRACK WORRY FREE. Covert Tracker for Cargo and Packages across Canada, the United States, and Mexico that can be used for all modes of transport and is FAA Compliant
  • EASY TO USE. Compact Design with "One Button Activation". With a 9-month shelf-life with nearly no affect on battery life, order in bulk and activate only when needed.
  • GET ALERTS AND REPORTS. Monitor location and temperature through our TFL Portal. Receive Alerts when set temperature limits are exceeded. Create Geofences and get alerts based on specific points-of-interests.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE. Up to 30-Days Battery Life when configured for 5-min updates when moving, 1-hr updates when stationary
  • BEING ECO FRIENDLY PAYS. Go Green and return used SC1102 units for credit toward your next purchase

The SC1102 is a disposable covert tracking device optimized for cargo and package tracking. The device provides real-time supply chain visibility and compliance solutions. The SC1102 provides cargo location through cellular and Wi-Fi fixes with an accurancy between 100 meters and 500 meters, while also transmitting temperature sensor values.

The SC1102 is used for capturing in-transit temperature and location information across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It is typically deployed when device retrieval is not required, difficult or not possible. However, if it is possible to retrieve used units, Go Green and ship them back to Tracking For Less to receive a credit toward your next purchase

The SC1102 comes in two update profile configurations:
  • 5-min updates when moving, 1-hr updates when stationary. Ideal for location tracking where temperature information is not crucial, but longer battery life is important. *Up to 30-days battery life
  • 15-min continous updates. For situations when real-time tracking and temperature monitoring is required, especially for parishable cargo or packages that may need immediate attention. *Up to 12-days battery life

The TFL Portal provides visual location and temperature information, via web browser. Monitor multiple units through a single dashboard. Create email reports and alerts based on location and temperature parameters. Create shareable weblinks that include real-time tracking and temperature data that can be sent to your customers giving them access to tracking and monitoring.

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