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Cradlepoint 1-yr subscription for Zscaler Internet Security (Includes required ECM)

Cloud-Based Security from Zscaler, Includes ECM



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MSRP $199.00 - Save $0.00 (0.00%)
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Used today by more than 5,000 global organizations to secure more than twelve million users in more than 180 countries, Zscaler is a Security as a Service platform for enterprise security. Our customers include many of the world’s largest global enterprises, governments and military organizations that are solving the difficult challenge of securing their users and ensuring compliance on and beyond their corporate network.

Why ‘Security as A Service’?
Historically, most companies deployed security appliances or security software to protect their static corporate networks. With work increasingly happening outside the office, on laptops and mobile devices, and even greater adoption of consumer, public and private cloud applications, security appliances are ‘blind’ to an increasing proportion of your employees' Internet activity, rendering them ineffective. Zscaler is a Security as a Service platform, much like Salesforce.com, but solely focused on security and compliance. Zscaler runs in more than 100 data centers around the world and functions like a security and compliance shield between your employees and the global Internet, scanning all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic for all of your employees, on every device, anywhere in the world.

Better Security
Traditional security appliances are essentially point solutions—and it is your responsibility to make them work together and ensure that there are no gaps. Point solutions were, for a time, deployed under the guise of obtaining best of breed solutions—but that means that you need to ensure compatibility across all appliances/vendors, resolve configuration and operational issues, and replicate this environment across your entire organization. Hackers and businesses alike are moving too fast to keep up with changing threats and business requirements. Zscaler is a broad unified platform that incorporates multiple security and compliance applications—URL filtering, anti-virus, advanced threat protection (e.g. APTs), data loss prevention, traffic bandwidth management, and much more into a single, seamless system. This platform provides pervasive security across all locations and devices. We scan all traffic, including SSL encrypted traffic, in real time, ensuring that your users are always protected from the latest threats. Zscaler’s multi-tenant architecture also ensures that you benefit from the ‘network effect’ i.e. when a new threat is identified on behalf of any one of our more than 5,000 customers, we immediately update our signatures thus protecting all users across our network.

Superior End-User Experience
The traditional appliance model for security requires backhauling Internet and mobile traffic through stacks of centralized security appliances—creating chokepoints, slowing performance and negatively impacting user experience. After all, as more work gets done on the Internet, why force users to go back to a choke point only to be sent back out to the Internet? At Zscaler, we believe that the benefits of secure Internet access should never come at the price of a user’s experience of the Internet. Our Security as a Service platform, with more than 100 datacenters worldwide, eliminates traffic backhauling and delivers the performance and scalability to secure your users without any deterioration in their Internet usage experience. In fact, in many deployments, our users have experienced negative latency (meaning access to some Internet destinations is faster via the Zscaler service than going directly from the user’s own ISP)—because of our scale and our high performance peering with leading Internet backbone providers
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